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Coatings Consulting

Technical consulting, non-destructive testing and failure analysis related to protective coatings
Scope of Services

As part of our building forensics work, CBGA is frequently asked to investigate paint and coating failures. For nearly 40 years, CBGA has provided technical support, quality assurance inspections and coatings consulting services to a variety of clientele, including: architects, contractors, building owners, attorneys, and local government agencies. As a result, we have acquired a unique knowledge of the paint and coatings industry. We provide in-depth technical evaluation and analysis of coating applications for new and proposed projects, re-coating applications, existing construction, dispute resolution, and litigation assistance.

We provide inspection services during the coating application process to assure the client that the specified materials are on the job site and that proper surface preparation and application methods are being employed. We will also analyze whether the applied coatings meet project specifications.

Our services include: